About us


CHAOSQUIYR is an art collective born in 2017 to develop alternative channels for the production and promotion of non-conformist, collaborative and interdisciplinary art.


The collective stands by ideas such as: queer, unorthodox, immediart, coart and artnarchy.


Who are we?

Chaosquiyr is currently formed by its two only founding members.

We favor anonymity, due to our interest in co-authorship and collaboration. Artworks should speak for themselves, directly to the viewer. 


Which are our concerns?

Chaosquiyr is mainly and primarily focused in Art.


Even when tackling political, scientific or philosophic topics, our projects are always approached through arts as a unique and universal form of individual and social development.

We are also committed to:


*  Environmental issues 


Equality and civil rights, especially -but not solely- those related to queer struggles

*  The human psyche, the collective conscience and the relationships between the self and any form of other-ness


Scientific and technologic advances that transform the world we live in through challenging views on art, politics and philosophy


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