Chaosquiyr  is open to various types of collaborations depending on your availability and your level of involvement.



Since we are particularly interested in reaching out for young artists and local communities, we organize workshops, talks and other activities on which anyone can punctually take part without any further commitment.



Anyone generally interested in Chaosquiyr's activities, ethos and products can become a friend.  Friends will enjoy our newsfeed, get preferred bookings and be invited to specific events.



Patrons are financially or logistically contributing friends.  As a patron you will enjoying all the benefits of a friend plus access to private views, special deals and treats.



Chaosquiyr will invite other artists or art lovers to take part in one or various of our activities. The  terms and details of each collaboration will be adapted to the needs of the project, the guest's and the collective's.



As a members you can participate in any of our activities and take part on the decision making process. In order to become a Chaosquiyr member one has to:


    *  Be invited by at least one of the current members

    *  Have his/her admission approved

    *  Participate in the collective’s activities

    *  Comply with the collective norms and values.



Partners hold the ownership of the group’s physical and intellectual properties and will always act as custodians of the group’s essence and values.



Founders are Chaosquiyr's original members and the most senior partners, holding the same rights and responsibilities than other members plus the privilege to break even votes and to keep ownership of the collective in case of dissolution. 

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